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Warning: We are against any unethical lending practice. We never ask for upfront fees and hidden charges.

Personal Loans - Tailor-made only for you

Accomplish financial needs now by securing money from €1000 to €30000


Welcome to the new-age world of personal loans

Do not restrict your process of spending and saving. 24fundsflow, an online direct lender, allows you to continue your cash flow by offering fully customised unsecured personal loan offers on acceptable terms.

We have a vast presence in almost every city in Ireland, especially Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Drogheda. Anyone with any credit history can approach us and achieve an early peace of mind. By bringing the ‘unique but useful’ funding options like unsecured personal loans for bad credit, we have familiarised people with all the ‘A-B-C-D’ of modern lending.

Are you also curious to know? Here it is:

A = Accountability

We are responsible for serving the borrowers’ financial purposes in the best way. Anything you would like to borrow from us, we provide you with complete responsibility without giving you any surprise.

B = Bespoke Loan Offers

Each loan deal comprises bespoke lending features, including competitive APRs and flexible repayments. Our deals do not include hidden charges, and we do not ask for an early repayment fee.

C = Customer-Friendly Approach

We do not discriminate between borrowers regarding their credit histories or income status, as everyone is equal here. While analysing the loan applications, we focus on the current financial performance rather than the past one.

D = Decision-making Process

Your early financial solution is our goal. We make quick decisions on your loan application, as does the quick fund disbursal. Our team of loan experts knows how to deal with customers’ loan applications early.

These working principles, too, make us listed among the top unsecured personal loan money lenders in Ireland.

Need reasons to opt for our personal loans? Here they are

Asking for more becomes your tendency whenever you get stuck in a financial mess. You will have a lot of expectations from the lenders, and sometimes, they cannot fulfil your accomplishments. It is where stands with you and gives you all the benefits you want from a money lender in Ireland.

We have plenty of reasons to avail of our lending service. Before going on them, we suggest you only go for affordable loan deals. We do not go beyond your affordability, and one thing is for sure our loan offers will be pocket-friendly to your monthly income.

Now, here are the top reasons to apply for our loan deals without any delay:

Personal Holiday Funding

Drown to your holiday celebration, and we will cover all the expenses. We work online, which is why we are always available online to serve your financial purpose.

Don’t Worry about No Guarantor

Approach us, not your friends or colleagues, to become your co-signer. We erase the requirement of finding a guarantor with good credit history, as we believe in your capacity.

Study with No Hassle

We promise no financial hassle to come your way. We will fund your education. We do not bother about your poor credit score. Rather provide approval on your monthly income

Not just home? Live at Dream Home

Our easy-to-process home improvement funding backs you to beautify your home. You can opt for our home improvement loans, available on competitive APRs and easy repayments.

Bad Credit? You’re Not so Bad

Yes, take our word! Continue to borrow funds, no matter what your credit score is. Forget about your wrong decisions and implementation in the past, and be sincere in your current financial handling.

Want own business? You can do it!

We deal for your professional career, and you attain our business loan deals. Whether you are running a start-up or an existing business, we are ready to fund you.

Unsecured personal loans on the go!

Apply for loans by sitting in your living room, office or any other place of your comfort. We present easy online access to our borrowers so that they can enjoy the convenience of unsecured personal loans in Ireland. Open your laptop or switch on your smartphone and submit your application for the desired loan. The process hardly takes a maximum of 10 minutes to complete.

Believe it or not! We approve loan applications on a guaranteed and instant basis, followed by same-day loan disbursal to your bank account. HURRY UP and throw a challenge to your financial trouble.

Quick Loans

Quick Loans

Respond perfectly to your financial urgency by opting for our quick loans. These are available for every credit and income.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement Loans

Renovate your home and increase its value. Whether you want to improve your interior or exterior, we fund your every need.


Holiday Loans

Cherish your dream holidays with no funding gap. We are ready to fund your vacations with the liberty of using funds for any purpose.

No Guarantor

No Guarantor Loans

Apply for online loans in your financial capacity, as we do not need any guarantor while dealing with the loan process.


Car Loans

Ride on your dream car and take your family for a long drive. Fill any funding gap while purchasing a car with our easy loans.


Small Loans

These are like payday funding but extremely useful in tackling with minor financial issues. You get them with no documentation.

What do our personal loans for bad credit involve?

The easiness of the loan application process is what you need during extreme funding needs. Keeping this in mind, we have processed our personal loans in Ireland for bad credit on the easy online steps to follow. It means you can tap our loans from anywhere and anytime.

We do not need documents, and obligations are very few to follow. However, you make sure no error exists during the application submission. It may delay or cancel your loan request. For any confusion, you can ask us anytime.

Our loan process involves the following things:

  • Apply for a loan:

    You need to fill up an online form with mandatory details. Submit it carefully.

  • Soft credit check:

    We are soft to your credit profile, and our credit check will not leave a search footprint.

  • No paperwork:

    We receive online application, and it does not need support with any documents.

  • Instant funding:

    Once everything goes without any hassle, the funds will be released on the same day.

About 24fundsflow - Who we are

A PERFECT Lending Hub to ASPIRE and ACHIEVE...

We represent an online lending place where lending opportunities are parallel for all individuals. Our primary goal is to achieve big in the Irish loan market and win the hearts of the citizens here. Thus, whenever they feel insecure about their finances, they can utilise our financial backing that comes with unsecured personal loans for bad credit people in Ireland.

It is enough to explain our dedication towards helping those who have lost their grip over their credit scores. Individuals and businesses with bad credit ratings can secure funds for their profit without putting anything in the name of collateral.

Our loan products here are comprehensive and compact. Each of them can be applied through a simple online procedure.

Meet our certain standards:

  • Impartial Lending Approach
  • Accurate Fund Disbursal
  • Freedom to agree (or disagree) to loan terms

In a short time, several borrowers have already appreciated our service (which you can see in testimonials), and they have reckoned us as genuine and honest private money lenders in Ireland, offering particularly personal loans.

About 24fundsflow

Feedback from our clients

You are one of many to avail of a lending service. Many have already received personal loan benefits from us and share their experiences from time to time. Here are some of them:

Having a personal loan from is an experience in itself. There is nothing complicated regarding the application procedure, as it is quite simple to complete. Another thing that I liked the most was the instant response to the loan query. Thanks a lot...

----John Clarke

Regaining a credit score is not an easy task to complete. I was fortunate to have the services of because they have dedicated deals on bad credit loans. Thanks to their flexible repayments, I feel comfortable making timely repayments, and my score has already improved.


A few months back, I approached when I needed to apply for no guarantor loans. It is a useful borrowing option because you do not have to rely on others to get a loan. If you are earning sufficiently, this loan is indeed perfect for you.



Can I get a loan with no credit check here?

Having a deal on a loan with a credit check is impossible. It is a mandatory process, as it determines how much your income is affordable to manage the loan instalments and interest rates. However, follows only soft credit checks with no search footprint to your credit profile.

What are the interest rates to get a personal loan here?

How can I repay my loan at

Is it possible to make a joint application for personal loans?

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