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Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen, redesign your living area or convert a loft? Whatever the plan you have, our home improvement loans will be fruitful. Our interest rates are the most competitive, which makes our deals more affordable and cheaper.

Our customer care team operates round the clock, so you can contact them at any time if you have any queries, doubts, or are struggling with repayments. You will get financial assistance from us whenever you want in any city in Ireland. We are just a call away.

A home improvement loan is what you obtain to make your home more appealing and to increase its value. You can borrow as little as €1,000 and up to €50,000. Before approving, we will assess your application based on a particular criterion, which includes your credit score, current finances, and debt-to-income ratio.

You can use home improvement loans to:

  • Update electrical goods
  • Buy furniture
  • Revamp the patio
  • Replace old electric cables
  • Replace plumbing
  • Paint walls
  • Add on a room

You cannot use home improvement loans for:

  • The purchase of property
  • Investments like shares, bonds etc.
  • A mortgage deposit
  • Any inessential expenses like buying gifts
  • Business purposes

What are the types of home renovation loans?

A home renovation loan is of two types - unsecured and secured. Unsecured home improvement loans are not subject to collateral, although your credit score is not impressive. As these loans also do not require any guarantor, they are also known as a no guarantor loan for home renovation.

On the contrary, secured home improvement loans are those loans that require you to use your home equity as security against the borrowing sum. These loans will allow you to borrow a larger sum of money.

Here are the features of both types of loans:

Unsecured home improvement loans Secured home improvement loans
Credit history Your credit history should be good, but you can also apply despite a poor credit rating. Even a bad credit score will not come your way due to the collateral.
Loan amount You can borrow up to €25,000. These loans are suitable for smaller projects. If the borrowing sum is over €25,000, you will need security. The maximum amount you can borrow from us is up to €50,000.
Interest rates Competitive interest rates. In poor credit ratings, higher interest rates will be there. You will have to pay lower interest rates than an unsecured loan.
Repayment term The repayment term may be up to 5 years, finalising as per the desired amount. The repayment term will be over 5 years.
Risk There is no risk except losing your credit points when you miss a payment and a CCJ in case of a permanent default. Your house is at risk of repossession in case of multiple missed payments in a row and a permanent default. Your credit score will be affected too.

You can talk to our customer support team if you have any queries related to both types of loans. Having all your doubts resolved before you apply for a loan is a good idea.

Can I remortgage for home improvement?

Yes, you can remortgage for home improvement. A remortgage will allow you to release the equity and use it to do up your house. You will have to scrap your existing mortgage and pay early repayment fees.

This will work in your favour when you take out a new mortgage with the same value as your existing mortgage, so you will have the same amount to pay off at a lower interest rate this time.

People often wonder whether they should use home improvement loans or remortgages for home improvement. It depends on your personal circumstances. A remortgage will allow you to avail of lower interest rates but look for associated fees, including early repayment charges. The remortgage option sounds good when you are close to the end of your fixed-interest rate deal.

However, a home improvement loan is separate from your existing mortgage, so there is no risk of early repayment charges.

Should I take out renovation loans for a mobile home?

If you live in a mobile home, do not hesitate to apply for a renovation loan. Unlike other lenders, we provide loans for mobile home renovation in Ireland. They are not as same as standard home improvement loans.

While you can use renovation loans for all kinds of improvement projects, mobile home renovation loans are allowed only for smaller improvements such as electrical, plumbing and roofing improvements and furniture replacement.

These loans are available throughout the year so you can apply for them from us anytime. Our processing time is short, so you will get the money the same day. As you will need money for smaller projects, no collateral is required.

Does provide green home improvement loans?

You might be one of those who need money to improve the energy efficiency of your home to reduce your energy bills and make it more attractive to prospective buyers. Although you can apply for grants, sometimes you may need a large sum.

We provide green home improvement loans at the lowest fixed interest rates. You can qualify for these loans, although your credit score is below par. We simply emphasise your repaying capacity, so you do not need to put down collateral or arrange a guarantor.

We provide flexible repayment options so you do not struggle to repay the debt. However, it is vital to submit proof of the energy efficiency project being undertaken to get approval for these loans. offers personalised home improvement loans where the terms match your budget. Want your loan on the same day?


What are the alternatives to home improvement loans?

If you struggle to get approval for these loans due to any reasons, you can consider the following options:

Small payday loans - You can use this loan to carry out a renovation project and repay it in full on the next payday. These loans are ideal when your budget has fallen short of some cash.

Provident loan for home décor - These loans will let you carry out smaller renovation projects such as paint or electrical replacement. You will pay down the debt in fixed instalments.

Personal loans - You can use a personal loan if you need a large sum of money. This loan will help meet a more extensive renovation project without putting anything as collateral.

Lifetime loans - These are mortgage loans, an alternative to secured home improvement loans. You can use these loans for any purpose besides home improvement projects.

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