Small loans on fast and easy approval

Unexpected expenses can come as a surprise to you when you are in a tight corner. It is not easy to have wiggle room in your budget to cope with these expenses. Thankfully, there are small loans in Ireland.

Small loans are the short-term version of personal loans, which bring urgent funds when you have little or no emergency cushion. You can also fund your small one-off purchases, such as unexpected bills.

From us, the minimum amount you can borrow is €1000, and the maximum is €5000. These are unsecured loans, which means you are free from the compulsion of submitting an asset to secure the borrowed money. They are also known as cash loans, as they are available with flexible payments and manageable interest rates. As a responsible lender, we will loan you only when you seem to repay the debt on time.

We will likely be your best bet because of the following loan features:

  • You can get a pre-approval quote from us if you want to know how much you will likely get without a hard credit check.
  • There will be no extra charge in the form of early repayment fees and no surprising cost.
  • We can revise your repayment plan if your financial condition has changed to save you from debt.
  • We will give you 30 days to pay a missed payment before informing credit bureaus of your default.

What can you use small loans for?

You can use these loans to fund your personal expenses, but they may not suit your business expenses. We have specialised offers on small business loans if your company struggles with adequate returns.

When it comes to your personal finances, our short-term loans are ideal for:

  • Funding small unexpected expenses

    Whether you come across high energy or medical bills, you can use our small loans at good interest rates. You will get quick funds as they are not subject to a hard credit check. The decision will be made on your income sources. These loans are also called small payday loans in Ireland.

  • Consolidating debts

    You usually cannot get a small loan from a direct lender for significant debts to clear. We provide these loans worth up to €5000 to help you consolidate your current debts when you cannot tackle them to pay them off. You can borrow the money worth the outstanding debt and use it to pay them off once and for all. Then, you will only have a small loan to repay over time.

  • Funding planned expenses

    You can use our small loans to finance planned expenses. Whether you need money for your wedding or for home improvement, you can easily use our quick cash loan in Dublin or any other place in Ireland. Get personalised deals that will not let you fall behind payments, provided you spend money cautiously until the debt settlement.

Warning: If you do not make timely payments, your account will go into arrears. This will attract late payment fees and affect your credit rating.

How quickly can I get a small loan from 24fundsflow?

Getting a small loan is very simple when you choose us. There are no specific conditions involved. Rather one can get approval based on individual affordability. We want you to repay the loan from your monthly income, not your savings.

Given below are the criteria to obtain the best deal available on small loans with us:

  • Choose the borrowing amount
    First, you must decide how much money you want to borrow, between €1000 and €5000. We always suggest not borrowing more than your needs. The following table makes everything clear about our loan deals more accurately.
    A small loan worth €1000 A small loan worth over €1000
    Credit check Only soft credit checks (leave no search footprints) Your credit report will be checked with a soft assessment
    Instalments Weekly fixed instalments Monthly fixed instalments
    Loan term One month Between six and 36 months
    Processing fees Nil Nil
    Late payment fees €8 €15
    Cooling-off period For up to 24 hours For up to 7 days
  • Fill in the form
    Once you have finalised the amount to borrow, the next step is to fill in the application form. Get ready with a copy of your six-month bank statement and income proof, as we will ask you for it if you hear back from us. After running an affordability check, we will send you the quote.
  • Sign the agreement
    If you accept our quote, we will email you an agreement you must sign and send us back. Read carefully all terms and conditions of the loan agreement. You can ask us if there is any doubt or confusion.

    You will have 24 hours to return the signed agreement if you borrow €1000. Otherwise, the quote will automatically be cancelled. However, if you borrow between €1000 and €5000, you will have a cooling-off period of up to 7 days.
  • Get money in your account
    Once you have signed the agreement, we will transfer funds directly to your bank account within 10 minutes. Remember that you cannot revoke once the money has been deposited into your account. If the situation makes you compulsive to change your mind, you must pay back the whole of the money at once. However, this will charge early repayment fees.

Never feel disappointed when you have constant financial issues. The solution is in the form of small loans on which bespoke deal is already waiting for your application. Do not be late, apply now.


Are small loans from 24fundsflow expensive?

No, small loans here are not expensive at all. You will get these loans from us at the most competitive interest rates, even if you borrow a smaller sum. The following table will explain how interest rates vary by loan amount.

Loan amount Interest rates
€1,000 14.2%
Up to €2,000 12.7%
Up to €3,000 10.4%
Up to €4,000 8.2%
Up to €5,000 6.5%

The actual interest rates may vary from these figures because of your credit history and repaying capacity. You can get lower interest rates with a strong credit rating and income sources.

Can I take out a small loan with a bad credit rating?

What are the benefits of small loans?

What are the alternatives if I fail to qualify for a small loan?

What help will I get if I fall behind in payments?

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