24fundsflow is a direct lender in Ireland, bringing you personal loans in unique and surprising ways. We have targeted making the loans more comfortable for our borrowers. We have not stopped making our loans more affordable but added the customisation feature to them. Now, you can buy a loan product in your way.

Our Story

Like all other private loan companies, we have started as a small entity. We have been awarded hundreds and thousands of borrowers today thanks to our sincere work and always trying to make the loan processes friendlier for our customers. We will not hesitate to tell you that we are one of the busiest private lenders in Ireland.

When we started as a new brand, we also focused on the loan market. By carefully analysing it and the borrower behaviours, we have realised that we need to investigate even deeper with the real-life requirements of present-day borrowers


Thus, we have used our resources and ideas to become closer to those ‘true’ borrower requirements. This endeavour pushed us to make advanced communication with the borrowers, which proved fruitful. Even to this day, you will find all representatives of us to freely talk to you to get you the best loan product.

The motto behind developing our loan products

We have found out that loans and borrowing still have gaps. This is because people want loans that do not feel like borrowing. Yes, it might sound a little uncanny, but the truth is anyone would want to get a comfortable loan to make it a part of life…at least for a specific duration.

Additionally, a huge demand in the borrowing field is that the loan must be fast. Borrowers do not like a cluttered and complex loan process. Maybe they are seeking a loan for emergencies such as medical surgery or home repair. They need quick cash. In these moments, any borrower would want the loan process to be linear, smooth and instant.

We have introduced our personal loans in the form of small loans or quick loans too, which are effective, bearable and fast to borrow. We will go beyond a hard credit check to offer you the loans and ask you directly about the repayment term if you share your income details to ensure that we do not have a problem lending you the money.

What makes our loans 99% approved for you?

To answer that question, we would like to quote our MD. The approach of making loans available for all has made us more approachable to borrowers. After all, everyone wants a loan that’s shaped towards borrower satisfaction.

“Loans should be solutions to a monetary problem. Let’s say there is a gap or a void in your personal or business loans, and you want to fill in the gap and repurpose your agendas with money. It is common that you are going to turn towards loans. Here is where our unsecured loans come into relevant use. The one reason is that you can use them for almost any funding need, and yes, with no collateral included in the process.” MD,24fundsflow.

We bring the following benefits:-

  • We have developed all our loans with more than one repayment package.
  • All of our loans are approved even if borrowers have bad credit issues.
  • We don’t mandate the presence of a guarantor for our loans.
  • In unemployment or other serious circumstances, you are free for all kinds of borrowing opportunities.

Special benefits of choosing 24fundsflow

We can guarantee you the kind of loan you want. You can make it comfortable, and we will offer you more assistance right after the application process. All you need to do is to be transparent with your repayment statement and trust us to get the best solution.

  • You can choose your repayment duration from a few months - for a payday loan - to a few years, such as a long-term loan.
  • If you are facing a strong financial condition, we will allow you to stop repayment for a certain period.
  • You may avail cash on the same day if you are quick with the application and cooperative with your document verification process.
  • Your financial details and other information will be completely safe with us.
  • You can get loan approval on minutes for emergencies.
  • We might offer you bad credit loan with no credit check on certain conditions as well.

Our lending offers are beneficial for almost any kind of borrower. With that being said, we are always open to your views and suggestions as well. Don't be hesitant to share your opinion with us. Our services exist for borrowers only, and we would love to contact you for constructive lending and interaction.


Will I have to pay extra fees for the loans?

Of course not! We are a private lender and don't ask for extra fees. There are no hidden costs with our loans. However, if you default on a loan or choose to pause repayment for a particular time, we might charge a penalty fee, but we are easily affordable.

How to verify a borrower?

You might be guided through these vital steps:

  • Apply using the paperless form
  • Share your income details and credit score (updated)
  • We'll verify your income and your loan request to find out if you are eligible
  • You will be approved for the loan

How can I know which loan is the best for me?

You have to find out the purpose for which you need money. However, if it is a more generalised purpose and you have multiple areas to spend money, then going for a common personal loan is the best choice. We are also open to a conversation if you want to clear your doubts.

What If I fail to repay my loan?

We would offer you comfortable loan repayment packages so that you don't fail to repay us in time or that the problem can be prevented. But if you cannot, we will allow you time to resume earning or manage your finances. We might charge a little extra for allowing you the period. This charge is easily manageable.

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