Plug the Funding Gaps in Your Business with Loans

Is cash going out of the business outweighs the cash coming in? Problems related to cash flow will be persistent regardless of the age of your business. From time to time, you have to bring out solutions to solve such issues. If you are a small entity, you can check out the option of small business loans in Ireland.

At 24fundsflow, we know how it feels when daily operations halt due to funds scarcity. We can help you downsize the problem by providing suitable quick loans. You can seek our assistance when other avenues to collect money are inaccessible.

Do not worry if traditional lenders have turned down your fund’s requirements! We assist you in every possible way. We will not even ask you about the size of your business before extending our support. Keep information related to the following aspects ready while applying with us.

business loans

Age of your business: Calculate and tell us if your company is 6 months old or above. We will not be able to help if your business has just started.

Registration should be complete: You must register your company in Ireland. Otherwise, we cannot assist you with funds.

Annual revenue: We will happily accept your request if your business shows an annual turnover of at least €30000.

Credit history: Your personal and business credit scores are vital here. With us, you can expect some relaxation.

Small Business Loan: What is it Exactly?

This form of finance helps a small business tackle recurring financial problems, thereby contributing to its growth. You can avail of this funding for your business only and not for individual purposes. Moreover, you can get it with or without assets.

If you are looking for small business start-up loans, your search ends here. Fetch the necessary financing to boost the advancement of your business. Obtain the benefits of these loans in myriad ways.

Borrowing means you have to agree to return loans with interest on a pre-decided date and time. The two ways to access business loans are:

  • Secured Funding

    You will have to put some assets at risk to avail of funding for your business. This security assures repayment. If your business defaults, the entire money will come from the selling price of the assets. Therefore, the fear of losing asset possession exists with this option.

    You can use the commercial property or equipment as collateral. Such a loan provision allows you to fetch money from €250000 to €5000000. Interestingly, you can get some concessions in the loan price due to the involvement of the assets.

    You can easily source a suitable offer and meet the business expansion needs. Above all, it comes with an adjustable repayment term that varies between 12 months to 30 months.

  • Unsecured Funding

    The name itself hints that it is a form of collateral-free funding. We have made this provision to help you avail of our services by not putting your assets at stake. It is also beneficial for those businesses that lack the assets to secure borrowing amount.

    It is one of the most famous funding options among small ventures. With it, you can get a borrowing window from €10000 to €300000. The repayment term is also quite extensive, starting from 12 months and stretching up to 84 months.

    The rate of interest will be quite competitive. Businesses struggling with credit issues can reap the benefits of this type of funding solution.

Where to Use Business Loans in the Best Possible Ways?

Access to finances is critical if you want to step up the game for your business. At every step, your venture will face competition. Therefore, a constant striving for survival will go on. The process will need an adequate supply of funds to continue.

Do not hesitate while utilising this funding. You can diversify the purpose of getting business loans in different ways:

Occupying an old business

You can use this loan to purchase an existing business. It helps create market dominance.

Business expansion

With time, you must consider expanding the small business provided it shows convincing outcomes. Use these loans for this purpose.

Purchase of new equipment

You can arrange money to purchase specialist equipment for your business by utilising these loans.

Maintaining inventory

Items that your business needs and produces specific inventory. Maintaining the balance in it is critical and achievable with these loans.

Handling emergency costs

Financial emergencies are unskippable. These loans may come in handy when your business runs short of cash to beat urgency.

Keeping cash flow intact

These loans can give you that urgent dose of cash to support the business finances. Borrowing at times is crucial to maintain cash flow.

How Are Long-Term or Small Business Loans Beneficial for You?

When your business gets a loan for a longer term, it gets the time to work on the repayment plan. This feature will be rewarding for the business. Finances will improve, and this way, long-term and small business loans will root for the growth of new or small ventures.

As a responsible loan provider, we magnify the benefits of business funding for you. Do not believe us! See for yourself.

  • Money in a snap

    It might seem gimmicky to you. However, it is true. With us, you will get the privilege of receiving money on the spot after approval.

    We accept online applications that have largely reduced the time of processing. Besides, we transfer the approved amount of cash online to your checking account. You can see how swift processes have made our job easy.

  • No constraint for bad credit

    We do not see bad credits as an exception. Your business can easily qualify even if it flaunts less-than-perfect credit scores. We look forward to extending our support to businesses irrespective of their credit history.

  • Pocket-friendly interest rates

    The prices that we will quote are unbeatable and unmatchable. It is because we personalise offers while keeping the financial limits of your business in mind. We do not put forward any random deal to make a profit.

  • Any time assistance

    Our lending services are accessible online. For this reason, we do not specify our active working hours. We are open to accepting your request round-the-clock. Furthermore, you can approach us for any confusion at any time.

  • Sponsor any business type

    We are not here to serve specific businesses only. Our motto is to make funding obtainable for every type of business. Therefore, it does not matter if you are a start-up, manufacturing, hospitality, medium-scale business or large enterprise.

Is it Possible to Get Business Loan at Low-Interest Rate?

Of course, it is doable, especially because you have decided to be with us. We have made a special arrangement to let your business ensure suitable rates. You will have to take a few steps to fetch the best loan proposal from us.

We do not claim anything, as you can easily spot the differences in our way of working. Repeat the procedure if needed to obtain business loans at a low-interest rate.

  • Fill out the online form
  • Review all the information
  • Re-check to locate and rectify mistakes
  • Submit the form
  • Wait for our proposal
  • Give your consent
  • Receive money in your bank account

Why should you apply with

We are aware of the financial needs of modern-day businesses. It has led us to devise financial solutions that are very useful for them to make a mark in this age of stiff competition. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you will fetch our services for your business.

As a reliable private lender, we assure you to safeguard your venture financially with the following facilities:

Smart guidance: We will first analyse the need before proposing any suggestions. Thus, you can expect smart and purpose-centric solutions from us.

Reliability: We base our decisions on real-time assessment and calculations. We never resort to unfair practices that can easily help us make money.

Transparent norms: We maintain transparency about costs and fees. The loan price information is in the loan fine print for your reference.

No broker interference: We are responsible for arranging money for borrowers like you. This process does not need any intervention from the broker.

Speediness: We upgrade our services with time. We introduce new technologies in our system to provide fast services to you.


How to get a business loan with no income?

If you want to borrow money and have no income source while running the business, you can ask your partner to show their income. You need to apply for joint loans once your partner accepts your proposal. Your partner will have to clear the repayments with their income.

How much deposit is required for a business loan?

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