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Here are our most frequently asked questions with answers.
Applying for a loan is quite easy here. Here are the steps to follow:-
  • Sit online and choose the loan offer
  • Choose the loan term and amount
  • Fill out an application form with mandatory details
  • Submit it and wait for the approval
There are many reasons to choose and some of them are mentioned below:
  • 100% online procedure with no documentation
  • Loans with no upfront charges
  • Flexible interest rates and repayment terms
  • No issue of poor credit score
  • Funding for everyone including unemployed ones
Everyone is eligible to get a loan here. We have kept our lending doors for everyone. You can apply if you belong to any of these categories:-
  • Students
  • Employed and unemployed
  • Home owners and tenants
  • People with bad credit scores
  • Small business owners
  • Retired people
Our loans can be used for multiple financial purposes. Some of them can be:
  • Improving your home to increase its value
  • Purchasing a new or used car
  • Managing small business expenses
  • Reducing the affect of financial emergency
  • Improving the credit scores
  • Fulfilling small financial needs
  • Paying education costs
  • Managing holiday expenses
We have a wide range of loan offers, which can be applied for the amount starting from £1000 to £25000. You can avail any amount according to your affordability. You can borrow for the maximum duration of 84 months.
It makes a good impact to your loan decision. It will help you to judge the right rate according to your repayment capacity and financial need. At least you get the affordable rates.
A soft credit search means no search footprint to your financial problem. It clarifies that your loan chances are good and you can have more trustworthy factor. It also allows maximum loan approval.
24fundsflow is an online direct lender and we do not take any brokerage fee. In fact, you do not have to pay any upfront charges with us and you pay only the interest rates.
Yes, you can get no guarantor loan with bad credit. We approve loan application on the basis of your current loan affordability and financial need. With no guarantor involved, you can save a lot of time and get instant approval.
No, we do not charge any hidden fees. Moreover, we do not surprise you with any extra cost. You pay the interest rate only and that will be affordable to your monthly income.
You do not have to worry about missing the repayment. You can inform us early and we may offer you a grace period of 18 days to make that repayment. It will not affect your credit rating.
Yes, we offer flexible repayment only. You can choose fortnight, weekly or monthly repayment according to your income capacity. Moreover, you can select the loan term on which you feel comfortable to repay.
We do not provide payday loans in Ireland rather we offer a much better option in the form of quick loans. With these loans, you can get larger amount than payday and for the longer term too.
Yes, we offer only legitimate loans where the interest rates are affordable and there will be no upfront cost or surprising fee.
Yes, you can do that by applying for loans like quick loans, small loans or fast loans in Ireland. You can get these loans easily at 24fundsflow as we offer only the online loans with no documentation. We also offer doorstep loan to those with no bank account.
24fundsflow provides you with a dedicated deal on bad credit loans where you can get approval on your recent financial performance. It means your past credit mistakes will not get considered by us. If your recent loan affordability is good, then you may get guaranteed loan approval as well.
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