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Are you looking for a non-guarantor loan? 24cashflow is your apt destination. You do not need to call upon anyone to guarantee the loan if you do not want. Instead, you can qualify for the loan by ensuring a stable and long employment history. With legal and consistent earnings, you can check on us for up to €5000 for 60 months of repayments. The amount you get matching to your affordability potential.

As a responsible lender, we conduct a few credit checks without disturbing your credit scores. The analysis helps determine the amount you can comfortably afford given your income and expenses like bills and rental payments.

If approved, you get quick loans in Ireland with no guarantor facility and added benefits like no documentation or credit score barriers. It fastens the process, and you get the cash in 15 minutes. You can pay in a lump sum or split the sum in easy monthly instalments. We provide a voluntary direct debit facility to ensure timely payments, avoid missing any instalments, and improve your credit score.

What does a no guarantor loan imply?

In no-guarantor loans, one can borrow money without using a guarantor or a co-signer. It implies the borrower is solely responsible for the payments. The loan is ideal for one who wants to manage financial requirements independently.

Finding a guarantor or a third person to guarantee a loan is challenging. It is especially when you have a low credit history. With a loan without a guarantor, you can manage payments independently by preparing a separate budget because these loans have fixed interest rates.

Although, the rates are competitive owing to no security involved. You may qualify for a better one if:

  • You have stable employment with a regular income
  • Have no high-interest or costly pending debts
  • Have no history of bankruptcy recently

Apart from that, you may be approved if you hold a relevant bank account as an Ireland citizen. The amount available to borrow is less and ideal for only emergency purposes. You may also use it to fill the funding gap during a car purchase or finance the tuition fee.

You can check the feasibility of a no-guarantor loan with the best providers in Ireland if you need cash for purposes like:

  • Consolidating debts
  • Making credit card payment
  • Urgent vehicle repair
  • Pay a part insurance premium amount

Why consider loans with no guarantor for your needs?

One cannot ascertain cash availability in the face of serious financial situations. Thus, you can consider a non-guarantor loan for emergency and short-term purposes. It is ideal if you are looking for little flexibility on loan terms. Here are some reasons that users commonly check these loans:

Loans without detailed credit screening

You do not need to worry about a credit score drop after applying, as we do not conduct detailed checks. Instead, you get loans with no guarantor and no hard credit check with us.

Not only these loans, but every loan deal of ours includes a soft credit check to ensure affordable loans.

Affordable with no unnecessary fees/costs

You have landed right if you want loans with no upfront fees and no guarantor. We choose to keep the cost structure upfront for you to decide right.

There are no hidden or surprise costs. However, you must meet regular payments to ensure affordability. It will help you avoid late payment charges.

No third-person requirement

If you are not comfortable sharing finances with anyone but have a regular income, the loan might help you cover essentials.

You do not have the compulsion to bring someone to act as a security or impact bond. Nor would you feel the trouble of putting a financial burden on someone else.

Facility to pay the repayments early

If you want, you can pay the loan early than your loan repayment term. We allow you to pay a part or lump sum payment early. It is a cost-free arrangement.

Check your budget and other liabilities before making pre-payment and we do not charge for it. Avoid doing so if it hurts your budget.

With bad credit, can I qualify for loans without a guarantor?

One can have a low credit score due to many issues like missed payments, no credit history, or bankruptcy. Still, there is nothing to be felt over concerned. Contact us if you need to borrow money despite a poor credit profile and the struggle of not having a guarantor.

The costs stay competitive, but you can explore a few ways to improve your chances of getting loans for bad credit and no guarantor compulsion. One of the ways is to remove your name from a joint account if you no longer use it. It is because the person’s low credit history impacts your credit score. Here are other ways to get affordable no guarantor loans at competitive rates.

  • Seek income raise

    One of the primary criteria for inexpensive loans is stellar income. You may get cheap, no guarantor loans despite low credit if you are professionally near the raise or appraisal period. To borrow a flexible amount, you can reveal a part-time income source as additional proof to fetch better rates.

    For example, if you are jobless and need €3000 to consolidate debts with total earnings being €3100, you can get £2000. It is for individuals with only on-benefits income. If you can reveal additional income from a part-time job (£800/monthly) (€3100+€800=€3900), you may get €3000 on instant loans despite being unemployed, having bad credit or having no guarantor.

  • Confirm eligibility criteria

    Applying without checking loan requirements may impact your credit score. Check income requirements, credit score needs, and APR before applying. You can even use an eligibility checker to know your approval probability. Choosing the provider offering better terms may help secure the loan at the lowest possible costs.

  • Check prepayment flexibility on long term

    A longer-term reduces monthly payments on the loan. It is ideal only if you have a low income and high liabilities/monthly expenses. Check for no-prepayment costs from loan providers while picking an extended term. With this, you can clear the loan early and eliminate additional interest.

A no guarantor loan is appropriate when you need immediate cash without a third-person requirement. One with a sound income and a credit profile can fetch better rates. Still, specialised loan deals for those with poor credit are also available.

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Who may qualify for loans without a guarantor?

Apart from being an 18+ Ireland citizen with regular/ part-time income proof or bank statements, you need to qualify the below parameters:

  • Should have a valid debit card with a direct debit facility
  • Need money only for emergency or short-term purposes
  • Can comfortably afford repayments
  • Have a valid permanent residential address proof

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