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29 April 2024

24fundsflow is a well-established direct lending company in Ireland that helps individuals with instant cash for short and medium-term needs. The amount you get depends on multiple factors like- credit score, income, employment history, guarantor requirement, etc. The situation may differ from person to person.

However, getting a loan with the firm is easier than anywhere else.

It prioritises individual comfort and affordability to provide loans. It is the reason it eliminates any cumbersome loan process. Instead, the company offers a loan without detailed documentation, form filling or proof requirements. To qualify, you need proof of permanent employment. It is the primary base for loan approval, especially if you need a quick loan for a bad credit score.

It is because the experts believe that an individual’s worth is more than just a credit score. They mainly help individuals with low credit scores by providing suitable solutions.

Why do you might have a low credit score?

There are multiple reasons that one may have a bad credit history. If you have the following aspects in your credit report, you may have less than perfect credit score:

  • Multiple CCJs in the profile
  • New to credit or share no credit history
  • No income or low income
  • Pending credit card debts, utility bills and other debts
  • Face bankruptcy in the past
  • Share a joint account with a bad credit score holder

How does 24fundsflow help individuals with bad credit?

You may have landed here to get a solution to your instant cash needs despite low credit scores. If yes, then you have landed right. Here is how the firm helps individuals by providing loans for bad credit scores. These are special financial facilities for individuals with poor credit history and low income. Anyone with the above-listed bad credit signs may apply.

1)     Conduct an imprint-free credit check

The firm believes that the actual part of the loan approval depends on affordability. Thus, it conducts only a basic or soft credit check that leaves no mark. Your credit score remains the same during the application or approval process. It prevents individuals with poor credit history from sabotaging credit scores.

2)     Use a loan calculator to define affordability

A loan calculator is a facility that helps borrowers and loan providers analyse the approximate costs. Thus, by analysing the affordability, the firm provides loans for people with bad credit scores. He checks the same by analysing the person’s needs, loan terms, interest rates, and other costs.

The loan calculator also helps one understand monthly instalments and total loan costs by the end of the agreement term. It allows the person to make calculative decisions accordingly.

It helps the borrower get only a sum that he can comfortably afford. Thus, it eliminates any default or falling behind payments.

3)     Re-structure payments if you skip payments

As a respected direct lender, the company help individuals with low income and credit scores. Finances may change at times. Thus, you do not need to panic. Instead, contact the firm quickly. The experts provide an alternative payment plan or halt payments for a while. It prevents one from the debt trap. The new plan aligns with your existing finances. It does not collide with the budget.

What facilities can you tap to fund instant cash needs?

The firm provides financial facilities that address the unique needs of individuals.  For example, you may get quick loans of up to €3000 for instant cash requirements. Alternatively, you can check no guarantor loans for quick cash without third-party interference.

However, meet the criteria to get loans for bad credit with instant approval at the platform. If you do, you may get the loan within 15 minutes or the same day in your account. Here are some facilities that may help you in emergencies:

1.      Small loans

You may use the facility for your needs up to €5000. You can use small loans for personal and business purposes. These loans do not require collateral, guarantor or detailed checks.

2.      No guarantor loans

It is ideal for individuals with fair credit scores and consistent income. You may get up to €10000 for your needs with no guarantor loans. Individuals with no job, low income and credit may check other bad credit loans for their needs.

3.      Loans for medical needs

You can use the loan for medical needs to fix any medical emergency, such as accidental treatment, quick first aid, or booking an appointment online. Under this, you may get up to €20000 with 4 years of repayment. Comfortable repayments make it easy to pay.

Who may qualify for loans with bad credit?

The basic eligibility criteria involve identity and income confirmation. You must meet these requirements to get a loan:

  • You must be an 18+ Ireland citizen
  • You must have a monthly income proof of income of at least €5000
  • You should have a personal bank account with a direct debit facility
  • Should have the current or 6 months bank statements
  • Should have a disciplined credit profile

What is the maximum amount you can get?

You can get up to €30000 for your personal needs with the firm.  However, the amount you get depends on your affordability, purpose, and potential to repay the sum. We prioritise responsible lending policies. Accordingly, we never provide a sum more than what you can legally qualify for. However, you may get a higher sum by providing a guarantor and improving your credit score.

Why choose 24fundsflow for your cash needs?

We believe in complete transparency. There are no hidden fees or small prints to bother you. Instead, we prioritise providing easy loans for bad credit scores.  We constantly modify our lending procedures to adapt to customer’s ease. With a simple application, no cumbersome documents and instant approval, we ensure a memorable customer experience. Here are other reasons to partner with us:

  • Leading lenders share 5+ years expertise of in dealing with bad credit profiles
  • Provide a personalised solution that does not hurt finances
  • Help individuals improve their credit score by understanding current finances
  • Provide consistent support until the loan term
  • Customers share 70% chances of loan approval
  • Provide a detailed explanation of loan terms and criteria

Bottom line

24fundsflow is a direct lender that helps individuals with poor credit history get instant cash assistance. It shares deep expertise in dealing with such profiles. Individuals with bad credit scores may benefit from the easy application, simple terms and cooling off period. Yes, you may exercise a cooling period to cancel a loan within 3 days of approval if you don’t find it well. The firm does not charge anything for that. You can tap us for any emergency or quick cash need if you have a bad credit score.

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