legit loan for bad credit in Ireland
24 November 2023

Seeking a loan for a low credit score is challenging. Mainstream lenders avoid lending to individuals with pending debts due to the uncertainty of loan clearance. It is the reason many phishing and loan scammers take this as an opportunity to lure customers into the bait. Unauthorised firms provide loans to such individuals at unbelievably low rates and later dupe them into paying more. It has become a common scam in the country.

Thus, one must analyse and research options and companies before applying for a loan. This is because taking up an unauthorised loan with bad credit may not only impact the credit score but also impact the finances. What good is it to pay 4 times more than the actual amount? Moreover, the threats further make the scenario serious.

If you want a loan for a low credit history but do not want to risk your finances, the blog may help. It lists the best ways to spot a legit loan for bad credit in the Ireland marketplace.

6-Step Process to Get a Legit Bad Credit Loan

If you have been struggling to qualify or find the rates to be easy to qualify for, you must stop there. It must be a trickster.  Though you may be eager to get that one due to ease of availability, you must avoid it.  Every genuine lender provides a loan for a bad credit score by undergoing the following process:

1)     Update profile for a basic credit check

Almost all authentic lenders conduct and review your finances with a credit check. An initial credit check is a basic process to provide a loan approval. It helps the lender determine the person’s affordability to the amount requested. Moreover, the check does not harm the credit score. No one can see it except you and the loan provider. 

Skipping this basic credit check may lead to serious financial consequences. What if you borrow more than what you can afford to pay? It may imbalance your finances, and penalties of non-repayment may lead to default and CCJ. Thus, a credit check is a must before approving any loan. Avoid the lender that skips the part.

2)     Enquire about the company’s existence

Before you borrow money in Ireland from any lender, check whether the address provided exists. Some companies create fake profiles or social media pages to get customers and dupe them. Thus, scan and search for the address mentioned on the website or the landing page. Does it exist? If not, check the spelling and align it with a matching figure. If you spot a similar name, then it is fake. Additionally, call the person by dialling the contact number mentioned. Chances are, it may be fake.

If you cannot spot any website about the lender, check the details about the firm in the Company house’s register. It holds the names of the genuine lenders in the country. If the company operates genuinely, it must be there. Scammers don’t like to be visible and thus avoid contact details or talk vaguely.

3)     Identify the loan terms and conditions

After confirming the company’s existence, analyse the loan terms and conditions.  Most falsely operating companies do not list the full details or terms for the customers. Precisely, they do not provide clarity over the terms. Moreover, they may change the terms according to their preferences and demand more money or interest costs. 

Alternatively, a direct lender helps the individual clear every doubt related to the bad credit loan and its implications. He keeps things transparent and does not change the costs after the agreement.

You can even ask about the hidden terms and conditions the lender may charge. If he is genuine, he would not charge any. Even if he does, he may tell you upfront about it. Things become smoother afterwards.

4)     Check if lenders provide guaranteed approval

All a person with a low credit history can desire is- guaranteed loan approval. However, it is too good to be true in reality. No genuine lender provides a loan if your finances and income do not align with the eligibility criteria.

Moreover, if you want guaranteed approval on loans for a bad credit score, meet the criteria. These loans base affordability as the prime factor to approve a loan. If your income after meeting the liabilities is higher than the amount requested, you may get the loan and vice versa.

Alternatively, if a direct lender provides a loan without credit checks, income checks and budget analysis, avoid it. It may be a fraudulent company.

5)     Identify upfront payment costs

While a legitimate lender may ask for a loan fee, he never does so before approval. If you encounter a company asking upfront amount to get the loan, avoid it. It may not be a genuine company. Moreover, some scammers get adamant with the customer to get the money upfront.

If you encounter the other person forcing you to pay, cut the call and avoid further dealings. Moreover, identify the payment channels through which the company accepts the payment. Avoid working with companies accepting payments in cryptocurrency and pre-paid cards.

A genuine lender instead provides you with a secured gateway to conduct your payments. You may get comfortable options to pay the lender the respective loan costs. The encryption allows you to pay safely without worries.

6)     Flexibility over repayments

It is one of the most important parts of loan approval and maintenance. Flexibility is critical if you want a loan for a bad credit score. What if you cannot get the loan if finances fall? How will you attend to this challenge? Scammers do not allow or extend the time limit to pay the dues. Instead, they send threatening emails and bother you constantly to pay the debt. The consequences can be detrimental here.

Alternatively, applying for legit loans in Ireland’s marketplace helps exercise the freedom to revise the repayments if your financial situation changes. You can get a new repayment agreement that aligns with your present condition. It is a cushion for your shifting financial condition and helps you manage payments comfortably.

Bottom line

Getting a legitimate loan for bad credit requires detailed research and analysis.  Scammers lure customers into unbelievable loan offers that impact their finances later. Thus, you must partner with genuine lenders that conduct a detailed credit analysis before providing the loan.

They would provide you with the loan after analysing affordability and repayment ability. It is something that goes missing with illegal operating firms.

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